A little something everyday


I once had my future read to me with tarot cards. I know what you’re thinking – what a crock of dung right (unless you’re into this stuff, then sorry, no offence meant)? Well, that’s exactly what I was thinking. But guess what? Tarot lady was right. Despite all odds, I got into grad school (which I never mentioned to her, I swear!). Maybe yes, she was pulling student vibes off of me or some other hokey trick, but I got into grad school when I didn’t think I would, and she was right. She also mentioned I should write every day. Did I tell her of my aspirations to write a book someday? Nope. Yet she knew that too. So, here we are.

I tried to follow her advice, I really did! But, when you’re in grad school and working three jobs and leading two student associations – you catch my drift here, basically trying to overachieve in all aspects of life – writing everyday kind of gets put on the back-burner.

Technically, I could argue that I was writing everyday. You know, papers, projects and such. I like to think that’s not what voodoo lady meant though.

So, one year post-grad school (I needed the year off to become human again – this time last year I think I was more of a cyborg than anything), here I am, attempting to write a little something everyday.

So, if you like my posts, thank voodoo tarot lady. If not, you can blame her too.

The Struggling Librarian


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