Books & Barbells

This is my favourite shirt.
I think it gives a people a good idea of what I’m about.

I dig books, and I love to lift.

I think it’s important to be healthy, both physically and mentally in order to live a long and happy life. Books to exercise the mind, and weights to exercise the body. I know, it’s a very strange combination, but it works for me.

I discovered CrossFit 2.5 years ago. Although reluctant at first (the only thing I ever really did that could consist of a workout was lifting heavy books), I quickly fell in love.

It’s not about the workouts themselves, I mean, they’re pretty awful. You get disgustingly sweaty,  you often feel like you’re about to lose your lunch, and everything hurts for days after. But. That feeling you get, when you’ve finished the workout and think “huh? I finished that workout? I lifted those heavy weights?!”, and later on keep surpassing your personal records – it’s all so satisfying. Because you did what you thought was the impossible, you accomplished more than you ever thought you could, you feel powerful.

I mean, why wouldn’t I want to gain strength and confidence? I also get the motivation to keep going – CrossFit is conducted usually in group classes, in which everyone cheers you on and gives you a “good job!” or a high-five at the end. I have a coach watching me to make sure my form is right and don’t injure myself. I also get the perfect workout: a mix of strength and cardio, gymnastics and endurance. Moreover, it’s a great way to release my daily stress.

That’s what CrossFit is to me, and it’s why I keep coming back for more. Don’t judge me.

The Struggling Librarian


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