Life matters.

I felt the need to voice my thoughts.

Given what is going around in the world today, I feel I need to take a stance too. This will be one of the few times I will ever discuss current events – something non-book or librarian related. As I did mention in my first post, this is my online diary, of a sorts, so where better to post how I feel? So please, bear with me.

I am going to start with this. It greatly upsets me that today, people society labels as “black” feel the need to use hashtags such as #blacklivesmatter in order to be noticed. In order to get the same rights as all human beings deserve. It upsets me that people feel they need to retaliate with hashtags saying #alllivesmatter. Well, of course all lives matter! But that isn’t the point. The hashtag #blacklivesmatter was created in order to remind the world that their lives are just as important as the rest of ours, because obviously society forgets. So where do I stand? Pro-#blacklivesmatter or pro-#alllivesmatter? Can I say neither?

I feel something needs to be clarified: I don’t believe in labels.

However, as the world insists on labeling – I am going to start with the hues, as this whole topic starts with the differentiation of hues. I have two fathers. One is brown, the other is black. I have two mothers. One is white, the other is brown. My brother and sisters range somewhere in the browns, yellows, and white – as do I. In my whole family, we are caucasians, hispanics, asians/pacific islanders, blacks. We also speak a multitude of languages. French, English, Spanish, Tagalog, Cambodian, Arabic. We all have different beliefs. Catholic, Protestant, Atheist, Agnostic, Muslim. We all identify with different genders and sexual orientations – Male, Female, Trans, Straight, Bi, Gay, Other, or just unsure. We all have varying body types and features – skinny, fat, chubby, athletic, tall, short, brown hair, rainbow hair, blonde hair, black hair, straight hair, bald, hairy, brown eyes, blue eyes. In sum, we are a rainbow of differences. Want to know what we all have in common? We are all human, and we love each other.

As a side note, we also have fur and feathered babies, whose lives matter to us, as much ours do. They come in a variety of shades and sizes too.

With that being said, I am sick of people differentiating, based on hue, gender, language, sexual orientation, belief, body type. I have been bullied and hated – because of the hue of my skin, because of the way my body looks, because of the language I speak. But when I look at someone, I don’t focus on those differences. I just see another human being. To me, we are only one race – the human race. And if one day I am blessed with a child, I will teach my child to do the same thing, and hope my child will learn from it.

The longer we focus on differences, the longer society will label, and perpetuate hate based on these labels, and nothing will ever change. We have greater problems to focus on – poverty, famine, diseases, global warming, extinction, pollution, among others. If we concentrated on bettering our world, ending wars and hate, saving lives (whether human or animal), and our environment, hues will cease to matter.

I know this is greatly idealistic, and very unlikely to happen anytime soon. But I have hope, that maybe one day at a time, one person at time, we will learn to judge each other by our characters and deeds, rather than the way we look, the language we speak, our sexual orientations and the gender we identify with, or our religious beliefs (or lack thereof). That we will see each other as human, rather than as “other”. We are not perfect, but we are human.

In the meantime, my stance is this one:

I dislike the use #alllivesmatter and the #blacklivesmatter hashtags equally, and don’t feel I need to pick one over the other. I dislike the use of the #blacklivesmatter hashtag because, although good-intentioned, it still creates a divide. It continues to label “black people” as distinct from other people, when we should all be labeled as humans. On the other hand, I dislike the use of the #alllivesmatter, although also good-intentioned, because of the way it is used – as a response to the #blacklivesmatter hashtag. Because a differentiation is still being made, whether we like it or not. Because people are still being persecuted based on their hue, and their struggles do matter.

We need to stand up for each other, instead of against each other. So I will refuse to pick one or the other, and will just continue to love and support, because that’s the best I can do.

Anyway, this is just the way I feel, and I needed to get it off my chest, and if I lost followers because of it, then so be it. This is me, take it or leave it. Rant over. As a disclaimer, I hope I have not offended anyone, that was not my intention.

A fellow human being.


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