Also, an awkward librarian

I highly recommend engagement photo sessions.

As you might have recalled, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was on a two-day hiatus due to preparations for an engagement photo session. It wasn’t absolutely necessary, however, this engagement photo shoot came with my photography package, so I thought, well why not?

Turns out I’m glad I went through with it. It was thanks to this session that I remembered how much I absolutely despise having my picture taken. I am definitely not one of those people you’ll find posting selfies all day long. It was hot, we were embarrassed, and it felt completely unnatural posing in what felt like a whole day (but turns out was only 2 hours) in uncomfortable positions for the camera.So why was this shoot so great?

Well, first of all, it gave us an idea of what to expect on our wedding day. I mean, we already expected we would be uncomfortable, but at least now we know how to prepare. Here is some practical advice: if in warm weather, remember to bring a small towel to mop up sweat. Tissues are not an option, they leave little wads of rolled up sweat tissues on the groom’s fact. And for the brides? Make sure you have some oil-absorbing sheets and finishing powder to lessen the shine. Also make sure you have water bottles on hand, it gets really hot out under the sun.

It also gave us the opportunity to get more comfortable with our photographer. She was very sweet, and did her best to get us to loosen up. I felt so very awkward in the beginning; so stiff that I didn’t even notice I was creasing my eyebrows – oh and the tension between my shoulder blades! We also talked a bit, got to know each other, joked around. In this way, she was able to get a hint at our personalities, got to know what we were comfortable doing. I can’t imagine what it would have been like, having her take pictures of us for the first time, on our wedding day. The fact that we’ve now had to kiss in front of her makes me a lot less embarrassed. My fiancé and I are not into PDA, the most you’ll ever see is us holding hands in public. I think some things should be left private. So now that we’ve smushed faces in front of her, it seems a lot less daunting to have to kiss on our wedding day, in front of tons of guests, in addition to in front of a camera.

Another perk? We get to use one of the pictures as a save the date. She was kind enough to design a template for us (how awesome is that?!), and got us to take a bunch of photos that reflect our personalities. Can you guess what some of our pictures feature? If you haven’t guessed yet, it starts with a “B” and rhymes with “look”… What kind of a librarian would I be without one?  😉 . I admit, I’m really excited to pick one out.

Nevertheless, whether you like to take pictures or not, I really recommend you go with the engagement photo shoot if it fits the budget or if already included in your wedding photo package. If nothing else, it does document an important milestone in your life. I’m sorry I have to keep this post so short, stay tuned for my next book review, I’m almost done reading Dreamland by Sarah Dessen!

The Struggling Librarian



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