The Sick Librarian

Of course, the first day of my week off, I catch a cold.

It seems inevitable. The whole year, being high on adrenaline, overworked and exhausted. Then the second you have a moment of peace – BAM, there goes your immune system.

I’m not going to lie though, I am constantly surrounded by germs at work – I do work in both a hospital and a high school after all. The result is that I am constantly sick. You’d think that my immune system would have become slightly more resistant, being in contact with germs all day, but alas, no.

The hardest part about being sick this week, however, is that I don’t get to sleep in because I have to bring my brother to school in the morning. Gah 😦

I tried to “sweat it off” yesterday afternoon by going to the gym. I think CrossFit may just be too intense for the immune system though (bear complex and burpees, woohoo!… *Barf*). I may have just made things worse – this morning I feel like something is burrowing in my throat and it feels like someone hit my in the face with a sledge hammer. Joy.

Anyway, all this to say that I am slightly behind in my reading. It’s very difficult to focus and I went to bed early last night; time I usually allot to reading. So sorry guys, my next review might have to wait a few more days. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I may have just died (I think I have a man cold).



The Struggling Librarian


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