Writer’s block… AKA brain farts

It’s quite surprising how some of my reviews turn out.

I confess, except for my very first one (which I painstakingly outlined and planned for days), most of the subsequent reviews I have written didn’t have as much of a plan (if any). I mean, I always keep in mind the rules of writing a good review as I read my book, and carry around post-its to mark passages I may want to revisit later. However, most of the time, I just start writing and see where it goes from there.

Generally, I am quite happy with the results. Once in a while, I hit a bump in the road. Things don’t make sense or don’t flow as nicely as I would like them to. My thoughts are jumbled and don’t seem to make sense. At times, I feel the need to save my draft and step away, in order to clear my thoughts before jumping back in. No one is perfect, after all (except for maybe Chris Hemsworth – in the words of Kristy from The Truth About Forerver, sa-woon!). However, most of the time it just takes a bit of moving around, an extra sentence here or there to smooth a transition or to clarify a thought, and then, things tend to come together on their own.

Sometimes, and I know this might sound a little vain (sorry!), but when I reread some of what I write, I get a little impressed. Don’t you ever get those moments where you think “Oh wow, I wrote that? How did I come up with that?” (and then silently do a little dance)? It’s more of a surprising moment, rather than an “OMG I’M SO AWESOME LOOK AT ME” kind of moment. It may stem from years of insecurities, but I find myself often startled by what I write. Don’t get me wrong, my writing is not out of this world, but I am often astonished and pleased with my results.

Do any of you have any of these moments where you’re caught off guard by your finished products? How do you guys get over your troubles in writing, or like I like to call them, “brain farts”?

The Struggling Librarian


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