Story time – not just for the kids

I love story time

It’s the activity I look forward to the most in a week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, every Friday, at the hospital, we host story time for the patients. Child Life services felt like some activities were lacking for the very young children in the hospital. I mean, they host popcorn movie nights for teens and older kids, baking, make your own pizza night,  but the really young children (think 2 – 5 years old), somehow, didn’t fit into these activities as well the older children. They do have arts and crafts, but sometimes the crafts are too difficult for some of the children to accomplish alone. So, they came to me and we started story time.

Every Friday, I pick a theme, and read a book in English and one in French related to the theme. After wards, we do a little related activity or easy arts and crafts. We pull our audience from the waiting rooms of the clinics (some wait for hours) and from the wards.

What I found was surprising is that the adults really like it too. We offer fresh baked cookies, coffee and tea. Sometimes juice for the kids. It’s a period where they can also relax, and just sit and enjoy while the kids enjoy themselves.Sometimes, they really get into the story, ask their kids questions. I added arts & crafts at the end, to make it more of an experience. The parents and the children really team up and make things together.

Today’s theme was squirrels. We did an acorn hunt with prizes to be won at the end. I read them Scaredy Squirrel books by Mélanie Watt. If you haven’t read these, Scaredy Squirrel is hilarious. He’s a real nut job (excuse my pun), a great laugh for all listening! Although it was a small turnout, you can tell it made a little difference. A mother, a fellow employee in the hospital, brought her daughter for an appointment today and her boss wouldn’t let her daughter stay in the office (how awful, right?!). As she is here for the whole day, she asked if she could let her daughter stay while she is working. Well, of course I said yes! She ended up staying for most of the day, doing arts and craft projects I gave her to keep her occupied. Such an adorably sweet and incredibly polite girl! The mother came down later to give me scone to thank me (although really not necessary, I was glad to help!) It really warms my heart when I can offer help, even if in just some small way. Days like this make it worth waking up in the morning! ❤

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