Arizona – a lot of tears, red rocks, heat, and love.

I’m baaccckkk!

I know it’s been a while, and I am very sorry for that. Like I mentioned in my last post, I have been away in Arizona for a few days, and only got back early yesterday morning. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to say that I spent all of yesterday recovering (i.e. sleeping). Although there is only a 3 hour time difference from here and Arizona, it took me 12 hours to get home, so I was incredibly exhausted and was in much need of sleep, as today was I was back at work! I also have another tiny confession – I didn’t do much reading while I was away *le gasp*, so my next review probably won’t be in until Monday, so sorry! Now let me tell you about my trip.

The big surprise

Back in November last year, my best friend moved to Arizona to be with her fiancé. She left everything behind for love, which I found both very brave and upsetting (as she was also leaving me behind). I threw her a lovely bridal shower before she left, and aslo planned her bachelorette party and helped with wedding decorations from afar. In February, we met up in Mexico for her beautiful wedding. Since then, I hadn’t seen my best friend. She had been stuck in the US waiting for her Green Card and I had been lacking the funds to make a trip over. Until a few weeks ago. Her (now) husband called me asking if I could do him a favour. The bestie had just found out she’s pregnant, and was feeling incredibly homesick and alone. He asked if I could find some time off (even if for just a few days) to come for a suprise visit. As I am saving up for my own upcoming wedding, I promised to try for the Christmas holidays. Well, could you believe my suprise when he told me that I was mistaken? He wanted to know if I could take some time off in the next month as he would be paying for my plane ticket. I’m sure you can imagine the waterworks that ensued. So, my fiancé and I found a way to get him a plane ticket too, and we packed our bags for Arizona last week. I’m not going to lie, keeping all of this secret for the 3 weeks prior from my best friend was nearly agonizing. But after the look on her face, when she saw who she was picking up from the airport? Well, it was all worth it.

Wet beaver devil cracks – what?!

I am not going to lie, Arizona would not have been my first choice when asked where I would love to go for a trip (other than the fact that I’d get to see my best friend, of course). However, I changed my mind fairly quickly after waking up the following morning after landing. Yes, it is very hot in Arizona, but I found it to be a nice kind of heat. Unlike back home, where it is incredibly humid to the point of suffocation, Arizona has this nice dry heat. I’m sure a lot of the locals would disagree, but coming from someone who deals with horrible winters, I’ll take the nice heat any way I can.


There is also a lot to see. At first, I was skeptical – why would I want to go look at rocks and sand? Well, the rocks and sand make for gorgeous views and wonderful hikes. Our first day was spent in Phoenix. We drove around Camelback Mountain to take in the sights and the insanely huge houses. We stumbled upon an open house and embarrassingly could not pass up on an opportunity to take a peek inside (more like my fiancé and friends roped me into it). The house was ridiculous – 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a golf course, heated pool, jacuzzi, built in intercom – you name it, it had it all for the lovely price of 2.6 million USD! We also spent some time shopping (my fiancé is a shop-a-holic) and trying local fare (delicious!).

Our second day in Arizona we spent hiking in breath-taking Sedona. Our first stop was The Crack at Wet Beaver Creek (I admit, I very immaturely giggled at the name). It was a very nice woodsy hike, and I admit we got lost for a while, but we were able to retrace our steps by following the creek.


There was this wonderful sinkhole where we could swim, with Arizona’s signature red rocks ledge for sunbathing.

Up next in Sedona was Devil’s Bridge Trail. Devil is an understatement. We went hiking in the mountains in hopes of reaching the top of Devil’s Bridge. Unfortunately, we ended up taking the second longest trail to the entrance of Devil’s Bridge Trail by accident, and ran out of water before making it even to the entrance. IMG_2091
We gave up after 3 hours for fear of dehydration, with the promise of giving it another go on our next trip, obviously better equipped this time (the 2 gallons of water requirement is not a suggestion!!). The view was incredible though. The rocks were indeed as red as they look in the pictures, and the sand gave them a sparkly sheen.IMG_2067 Everyone was also friendly, smiling and saying hello as they passed by (although this may be because we had my best friend’s dog with us too). Overall, a wonderful experience.

Our last night we spent visiting Tempe’s nightlife. We went out for supper and then proceeded to a popular bar called El Hefe, which was filled with mostly college students. I’m sad to say we felt old! We migrated to another bar, Fat Tuesday’s for slushy alcoholized beverages (minus the best friend, who is pregnant). It was funny to see some of the younger college kids singing along to a Spice Girls song. I remember thinking that they probably weren’t born when the song Wannabe came out, so I found it surprising they knew all of the words to it. It’s nice to see music crossing over generations! We called it a night at 12pm (this being already well past our bedtime).

The next morning was hard. There was a lot of hugging and tears as we made our way to the airport. Another 12 hour journey and we arrived home. It was an amazing trip. I miss Arizona (the best friend!!) already. If you ever get the chance, go visit Sedona, you won’t regret it.

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2 thoughts on “Arizona – a lot of tears, red rocks, heat, and love.

  1. The Arizona one is particularly great. I’d like to add my suggestions here, For the long car ride, bring the Roadside Geology series for Arizona. They’re good because they explain the stuff you can see from the highway while driving.

    Once you’re in Phoenix, you and the kids might like Montezuma Castle, it’s an hour and a half north of Phoenix and is a low key hike and a beautiful place. There was a little nature center and gift shop too.


    1. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the next time! I wish I had known about the Roadside Geologoy series beforehand! Unfortunately, I don’t have kids yet, but will definitely go check out the Montezuma Castle regardless! Thanks for the tips 😊

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