The ever-struggling librarian

I’ve tried for many days to write a post.

I find myself starting and stopping, restarting and stopping once again. I could try to blame it on fatigue. The school year hast started and I’ve been working longer hours in order to get the library on its feet. The administration has decided that we were to handle the distribution of student textbooks. Although seemingly simple, it was anything but. We needed to catalogue all of the textbooks – around 41 titles with at least 50 holdings of each. It was long work over the summer, and distributing them while recording the transactions has proved to be just a tedious. 7-hour days have turned into 8, 9, 10 – all without a decent break in between. I’ve often found myself without energy to do anything but sleep after such days.

At the hospital it is no different. With the time crunch to spend our budget before it is lost, we have acquired numerous amounts of books I need to catalogue, making me busier (and more stressed) that ever. Along with all the wedding planning and all the various problems that have arisen with it, it feels like I never really have a moment to breathe. However, the fatigue isn’t just it.

The thing is, inspiration has been lacking. It could be because of my rush to get through all of the reviews for my *summer of Sarah Dessen*, but there has been a lack of motivation as well. As we speak, I have started a review of my recent completion of Forest of Ruin by Kelley Armstrong, but have no will to finish it at the moment. It’s awful to say, but I feel really disappointed in myself – for letting you all down, for letting myself down.

I promise I will deliver the next review, whether it is any good or not. However, I need to get through these next two weeks of hell – both at the school and the library, and hopefully will find some time to just sit and reflect. To find some inner strength and inspiration to see this through. Please be patient with me friends!

The Ever-Struggling Librarian


P.S. How do you all like my new layout?


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