The Slacking Librarian?

Hi guys, I know it’s been a while.

I fully admit, I have put blogging on hold.

No, I haven’t forgotten all of you, and no, it’s not because I have been slacking. There have been a lot of developments in the last few weeks that have taken up much more of my time than anticipated. Let me start by giving you updates on the work front.

The return to school and a new season

Now that we are done the distribution of textbooks, other tasks have come up – the introduction of makerspace activities, the Curriculum night, the upcoming Open House, and the start of citation style presentations, among others – I have hardly had time for myself. I have also started taking Hebrew classes in order to do my job more effectively (have I ever mentioned that I work in a private Jewish school?). I am enjoying the classes, I have always had a propensity towards languages, although it does take up some of my free time I could have spent blogging – sorry!

At the hospital, with a leftover budget needing to be spent before the end of the year, we have ordered over 40 new books that need to catalogued – the job falling into my lap. We are also finally making headway in our marketing – I have had more reference questions to answer as of late than all of last year combined! It is wonderful to be busier at work, although I often find myself exhausted by the end of the day.

So with these sad work-related excuses aside, let’s talk about the personal life.

A growing family

With numerous attempts at adopting a dog proving to be fruitless, we have decided to adopt kittens instead! I can now say I am starting to fit the librarian stereotype (ha!). My sister had been fostering two abandoned kittens for the last 3 months, and was having a hard time finding them a furrever home that would adopt the two little brothers together. Adopting a cat had never really crossed my thoughts, as I am slightly allergic and my fiancé has always proclaimed that he hated cats. Well, lo and behold, he met the kittens for the first time about 3 weeks ago and immediately fell in love.

Now, we are not irresponsible owners, we did not want to jump in without thought for the consequences. As it was my sister who was fostering, we decided to keep them for a small trial (with her consent) to see if my allergies could handle not one, but two kittens. Luckily, it turned out not to be as big of a problem as we feared, since after two days of having them over, we knew that we would never be able to part with them again. So, as of tonight, Genji and Hanzo will officially be our fur babies.


Wedding dreams and nightmares

On another happy note, I have finally found my wedding dress! Much of my free time has gone to making wedding decorations and dress shopping, so it is a huge relief to at least have the dress out of the way. I hadn’t realized how stressed I was about the dress until after my decision was made! As for the decorations, we have made much progress on the DIY front, but not nearly close to finishing. As we are also moving in a week, time we hoped to have spent DIY-ing, has been spent packing and shopping for some new furniture. Among many other wedding stresses I don’t wish to elaborate on just yet, we are also making much headway in the planning. Other than finding catering, a lot of the details have been finalized, save for a few things that cannot be taken care of until closer to the date.

…and heartbreak

And finally, if all this craziness were not enough, one of my fiancé’s fraters (fraternity brother – don’t ask) suddenly passed away. Although we weren’t close, he was a man we both respected and liked very much, so his passing hit us harder than we thought it would. Perhaps it was because he was so young, or perhaps it was because he was such an exceptional human being (and I do not say this lightly), but his passing has left a void we did not expect to have. All I can say is that he will definitely be missed. The amount of love that was displayed, both on social media and seen at his wake and the memorial service held in a church, was astounding. R.I.P. J.K.

So, there you have it.

The reasons for my unplanned hiatus. I wish I could say that I will return to blogging regularly, but I cannot. I promise to get back to it as soon as the school craze has died down, and I have finally settled into my new home.

Until then, my thoughts are never far away, my loyal followers.

The Struggling Librarian



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